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The Challenge sprit and valued investment for customer satisfaction
“ The challenge spirit and valued
investment for customer satisfaction ”

We Understand that there have been many changes to the role of a company over the years, but we feel we can successfully compete to ensure quality customer friendly products while maintaining maximum profit.

Dongkuk R & S is
is the best leader of
refractory industries.

“To Provide the Best Product
SService to customer"

Since its establishment in 1974 the name of Chang Won Ceramic Co.,Ltd., DONGKUK R&S. CO., LTD. has been playing pivotal role in the development of steel making, nonferrous and fine ceramics

Thanks to customers' encouragement and advice, we have developed into a customer- friendly company through fast-changing and tumultuous world. And then, since rationalization of enterprises with DONGKUK R&S. CO., LTD. speeded up pace to jump to a new height and be a leading business in the refractory industry
We have supplied the best refractories, fine ceramics, Steel manufacture and Processing sale to the various industries around the world as well as the interior of a country for a long time, and have been doing the best efforts we could muster to aggressively answer the calls from customers. In order to achieve our purpose to be the first-class company with consumers' satisfaction we will serve you with an incessant quality improvement and technology revolution.

We are stubbornly set to meet up to the expectation of customers and share the social obligation for the whole community. Your encouragement admonition and reproach will be welcome and motivate us to be more customer-conscious.